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April’s Recap For The CFODT Two-Day Challenge!

What a weekend! We had 14 Anglers from 6 different states, with a heavy presence from Florida and California! Quite a few of our anglers were participating in other events around the country, and that’s what we love about this! Fish what you can each weekend, and join the challenge! As long as your photo has your Tournament ID for the Two-Day Challenge, you’ll be good to go! Let’s get down to the details!

Day 1 started off really slow, as I mentioned before with some anglers competing in other events. One of those anglers was Brad Case, out of Mississippi. Brad was actually fishing in Georgia, as he was at the Three River Showdown, where he came in 6th place! While putting up over 90″ with his 5 fish there, he managed to put up almost 225″ in our event with his benched fish from the prior event!

The Big Fishes Only Side Pot was in possession of Kenny Jablecki (CA), winner of the March Two-Day Challenge! He submitted a 19″ slob, but honestly, we didn’t anticipate this lasting through Day 2! Did you? Nah… Neither did William Mansfield out of Florida!

Day Two is here, and Mansfield has put up not only a 22″ fish (above) but also a 21.75″ fish to do something that I’ve never had happen before! He’s not only sitting in first, after putting up 239.75″, knocking Brad Case down to 2nd, but he’s also sitting with 1st AND 2nd Place Big Fishes Only! That would be one hell of a payday for a 14 angler event! Our 3rd Place angler, Mark Christman (CA), was making his way past 200″ and solidified his position with 231.25″! Right now, it’s Mansfield in 1st, Case in 2nd, and Christman in 3rd, ALL with more than 230″!

This would be a great time to remember that there’s an angler fishing this event that is gracefully painting a target on his back. He came 1st place in the very first Two-Day Challenge and he snagged a respectable 2nd place in the 2nd Two-Day Challenge… Anyone know who we’re talking about? Yeah… That’s Nick Battista! The dude out of West Virginia that is literally proving himself as a good stick, with his almost 24″ Big Fish last month!

Well, it looked like Mansfield was going to take it home, but Nick came in with some evening submissions, totaling 264.25″! Knocking everyone down one spot, he’s easily gaining momentum for our Angler Of The Year Standings, which will be released later this week.

Top Three Places & Big Fishes Only Winners

Main Event

1st Place – 264.25″ – Nick Battista (West Virginia) – 17 Submissions
2nd Place – 239.75″ – William Mansfield (Florida) – 13 Submissions
3rd Place – 238.75″ – Brad Case (Mississippi) – 15 Submissions

Big Fishes Only Side Pot

1st Place – 22.00″ – William Mansfield (Florida)
2nd Place – 21.75″ – William Mansfield (Florida)

Check out the Full Event Results on TourneyX.com!

Putting This In Perspective

This event was a lot tighter than the previous two, and I’m stoked to see some close numbers! 2nd Place was decided by less than an inch and had a 3rd threat in there where just 1 fish would have made all the difference! The playing field is even. A single 14″ fish would have been a deciding factor for 3rd or 4th place in this event!


Coming up on the weekend of the 19th of May, we’ve got our next Two-Day Challenge!

Register Here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/cfodt-two-day-challenge-5-2018

The 1st 20 Anglers Registered will be put into a drawing for a Bass Tail Shirt, designed by Eric Estrada! Check it out!

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