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First Two-Day Challenge In The Books!

The very first Two-Day Challenge is in the books! We’ll be honest, we did a pretty bad job of promoting this prior to the actual event, but Joe and myself were just so busy with other things that we kind of jumped into this unprepared. It’s all good, though, and that will change soon, as we’ve already got the next few events ready.  We’ll make some announcements later this week. For now, let’s talk about the results of this event.

Considering we sucked at pushing this, we managed to get 10 complete signups, which is awesome, ESPECIALLY considering we managed to grab people from 8 different states! Florida, Arkansas, Virginia, Delaware, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, and even all the way out to Arizona! Safe to say, we had a pretty good spread. I was really happy to see some people fishing it from up north, especially due to all the assault weather that Mother Nature has been throwing at the US, lately.

Honestly, I didn’t really anticipate the outcome that we had, because I thought that if we only had 10 anglers, submissions wouldn’t be too insane. I was sorta wrong. Day one wasn’t anything to bat an eye at, however Steve Slayton, of Virginia, turned in what would become Big Bass with a solid 21.25″ Largemouth. The picture went under review, even after the event was over to make sure that the fish tail did, in fact, meet the quarter inch line.

Fast forward to Sunday… Literally no submissions throughout the morning, and only a handful during the evening. That was until Nick Battista decided he was gonna show his face. Nick absolutely clobbered this event. Submitting 30 fish for a total of 472.50″. Now, being that 1st place at the time was only 91.5″, you could say that this is the biggest sandbag in fishing history. However, we have to say, it was pretty impressive.

Top Three Places & Big Fishes Only Winners

Main Event

1st Place – 472.5″ – Nick Battista (West Virginia) – 30 Submissions
2nd Place – 91.5″ – Matthew Kasperick (Florida) – 6 Submissions
3rd Place – 88.5″ – Alexander Isla (Arizona) – 6 Submissions

Big Fishes Only Side Pot

1st Place – 21.25″ – Steve Slayton (Virginia)
2nd Place – 21.00″ – Nick Battista (West Virginia)

Putting This In Perspective

Submissions like this aren’t foreign to events like this, as back in 2014, KVD absolutely dominated the MLF Summit Cup dwarfing 2nd place Greg Hackney’s 17 fish for 43lbs with his 39 fish for 82lbs. Absolute landslide fashion. We don’t anticipate 30 fish being easy, but it is possible, and I’m sure the more people that enter, the more it will happen. Let’s set some number records, people!

Let’s also talk about the problematic issue that’s always been one: National Online Tournaments. No one ever wants to compete against Florida, Texas or California. In the past, when I’ve directed online tournaments, we had to separate those three into the “Big Three” and separate from the rest of the country. This was in a top 5 fish event, and understandably it’s a lot harder to remain consistent with a lesser amount of fish. This style of event really showcases that it’s possible to put up big numbers from any state, even northern states.

Let’s be honest…there was nothing truly spectacle about Nick’s performance, but it shows us that it’s possible to maintain a 15″+ average per submission, which is key in staying consistent. Thirty Fish at 15″ average is 450″, and honestly, it’s absolutely possible in two days to any one in the country. Even Florida would have a hard time putting up averages of more than 15-18″ fish at 30 submissions. You trade time chasing giants for the potential to sling in 1-2lb fish.


Join us live on the CFODT Facebook Page, as we go LIVE to discuss the event, announce the awards, giveaway prizes from YakAttack and Doomsday Tackle Co, and hopefully connect with the winners! Oh yeah, we’ve also got a CFODT Trucker Hat to give away to one lucky competitor — We’ll draw that live tonight! We’ll also be announcing the next two-day Challenge (You can register now on TourneyX.com, if you’d like!)! We’ll see you then!

Catch Fish Or Die Trying

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