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Fresh Designs For This Summer!

The apparel side of Catch Fish Or Die Trying is growing, as we’re all about living what we love. We’ve been hard at the drawing board and have come up with a few new designs for you to try on!

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Our Fish Tail Series Shirts

Just an awesome design, re-purposed from it’s original direction. Inspired by Andrew Mixon’s passion for catch and release fishing! You need this if you hate to see them go, but love to watch them swim away. We’ve got a sweet Black Bass design and a Redfish design, courtesy of Andrew Mixon, who had these originally done for another venture, but as with life, it’s ever-changing. As a good friend of ours, he allowed us to take the design and run with it! Stoked to see what happens and where this one goes! These pieces were created by Eric Estrada for Andrew.

Get The Bass Shirt!

Get The Redfish Shirt!

They are both $24.99 and available in various sizes and colors. Comfortable fit shirt, ready for you to rock it!

Patriotic Flatline Bass Design

Who doesn’t love America? I mean, come on…even with all the issues in today’s society, there’s still so much to love. This design is straight up killer, and a must have for your 4th of July festivities!

Buy This Shirt Now!

This shirt is $22.99 and available in Navy and Black, as it’s what went best with the design for us. Navy is pretty damn patriotic, if you ask me. Get it now!

The NEW Flatline Redfish Design

Many people that know me, know I started off in the Saltwater world, and didn’t ever know anything about bass fishing. I still don’t. I mean, I do now, but I still suck at bass fishing. I’ll take it to the flats any day of the week and find these bruisers pushing water and chase them til I can’t chase any longer. We’ve got a sick new event coming up, specifically for our salty friends! You won’t wanna miss this!

The Flatline Redfish Premium T-Shirt is $19.99 and comes in quite a few different colors and sizes.

Check Out The New SWAG!

Catch Fish Or Die Trying

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