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March’s Two-Day Challenge Recap!

Well, I’m late with this, as usual. There’s a lot of moving part’s and at times, I wish I could clone myself, but good lord, who could handle that mess?! Let’s get to it! This past weekend, we had our second ever Two-Day Challenge! It was a lot better competition than the first month, where Nick Battista blew it out of the water. Nick competed, again, this month, and let’s just say he brought the heat, but a dude from California had the means to put out the fire!

This month, we had 11 anglers playing along from 8 different states, which is so crazy to me! Only two anglers didn’t submit fish, but only 5 submitted 5 or more fish with a total of 78 submissions for the competitive field! Kenneth Jablecki and Tim O’Connor out of California put up some numbers, for our west coast representation! Jablecki edged out the field with a total of 307″ for his efforts, and O’Connor rounded out third place with a solid total, as well! If O’Connor could have found 5-8 more fish, he’d have been in arms length of 1st or 2nd place, for sure! Great job, none-the-less! Check out the colors on these California Bass; here’s Kenneth Jablecki’s longest submission!

The conversation of Big Bass is always a crazy one! We had a half the field enter into big bass, and I’d like to see more participation here. The first month’s Big Fishes Only Big Bass went to Virginia…and this month’s goes to West Virginia! Talk about a lengthy beast! Doesn’t look to have much of a belly on it! What do you think this one weighed? Closed Mouth and almost 24″…

Top Three Places & Big Fishes Only Winners

Main Event

1st Place – 307″ – Kenneth Jablecki (California) – 18 Submissions
2nd Place – 282″ – Nick Battista (West Virginia) – 18 Submissions
3rd Place – 197.75″ – Tim O’Connor (California) – 13 Submissions

Big Fishes Only Side Pot

1st Place – 23.75″ – Nick Battista (West Virginia)
2nd Place – 21.75″ – Matthew Kasparek (West Virginia)

Putting This In Perspective

Last event, Nick Battista submitted 30 fish for an astonishing 472.50″ total. This month, he only submitted 18 fish, but the total was for 282″ for a 15.67″ average per submission. His total the first month averaged out to be about 15.75″, which is slightly better, but let’s look at his top 18 submissions from the first month. His total for his top 18 fish in the February event would have been 297.5″ for an average submission of 16.53″. Nearly an inch better, so it’s very possible to put up numbers, no matter what state you’re in. That puts him in reaching distance of Jablecki’s total from this month out of California!

FISH THIS EVENT, ladies and gents. It’s going to be worth it!


We’ve got two events in April, one being the next Two-Day Challenge targeting Black Bass, which will be on the 21st-22nd, and you can register all the way through the 20th by going over to TourneyX.com and looking under the Catch Fish Or Die Trying tournament category!

Additionally, we have a NEW Two-Day Challenge…the SALTY Two-Day Challenge! The target is redfish, and we’ll be talking about this event for the next couple weeks. The event is going to be on the weekend of the 14th and 15th, where our inshore kayak anglers can get out there and put up some numbers for us to see. There’s a submission minimum of 20″, so make it count! Find more details on this event here: https://www.tourneyx.com/app/tourney/cfodt-salty-two-day-challenge-3-2018

Catch Fish Or Die Trying

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