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May’s Two-Day Challenge Got CRUSHED!

By this time, we’re gaining familiarity with the Two-Day Challenges. We’ve got a few that have stuck with us through the past 4 months, and a few that have fallen off. That’s expected. It takes an angler who is willing to put in that “fish it, ’til it’s over” attitude! We’ve seen a handful, and can’t thank them enough for putting their fish on the leaderboard! 13 Anglers from 8 states set out to battle for the weekend win!

The first day started off with quite a few anglers throwing some slime on their Hawg Troughs! We had some decent fish, but overall, it was pretty average for what we’ve seen in the past. The bonus, is we saw a trend by anglers to know that we were going to crush our previous total submission record for the weekend. At the end of the day, Steve Esbin, out of Michigan, held on to first place with his awesome first day total of 306.5″! Would it hold up? We’ll find that it definitely wouldn’t…

This event, once again, broke some hearts… Josh Counce, had this stud submitted, and if it stood, would have won the Big Fishes Only Side Pot! However, he didn’t sign up for it! Hopefully, he plays next time, as he could have snagged some extra cash, even with a 2nd place finish! As the 2nd day went on, we quickly saw a trend of fish being submitted by Matthew Kasperak, out of Florida. He even submitted this beast of a fish…

Matthew signed up for Big Bass, and while this fish was only a freckle in his grand total, it would have secured him with the Big Fishes Only Side Pot 1st place prize… Can anyone tell us why this fish was rejected? What a stud, right? Poor guy just lost his big fish for not having the whole identifier in the photo. I wanted to accept it, simply because I could verify that it was the same day, by the identifiers used from the previous submissions, but I knew it wouldn’t be totally, right, so I got a 2nd and 3rd opinion, and determined that we had to DQ the submission, and I quickly sent him a message, asking if he had a second photo of the fish.

Now, if you couldn’t tell, Matthew probably fishes a few online tourney’s, and he has a good practice about his ways… Always, always, always, take multiple photos of your fish. Likely, if you have multiple identifiers from multiple tournaments, or even a lively fish that just doesn’t want to cooperate entirely, you’ll get a good one, if you take a few photos. He was able to submit this catch, and get credit for it! Not only did it help with his overall 1st Place Total, but it also secured him the 1st Place Big Fishes Only Big Bass Side Pot!

Matthew absolutely crushed the field, but had more than double the submissions than 2nd Place, so it’s no secret. His overall average was just over 16″ per fish. That’s not too crazy!


Top Three Places & Big Fishes Only Winners

Main Event

Total Anglers: 13 Anglers
Total Submissions: 149 Submissions

1st Place: 689.00″ – Matthew Kasperak (Florida) – 41 Submissions
2nd Place: 306.50″ – Steve Esbin (Michigan) – 20 Submissions
3rd Place: 250.75″ – Justin Long (Indiana) – 17 Submissions

Big Fishes Only Side Pot

1st Place – 22.50″ – Matthew Kasperak (Florida)
2nd Place – 21.00″ – William Mansfield (Florida)

Check out the Full Event Results on TourneyX.com!

Putting This In Perspective

We’re growing in submission power, and I believe next month will be our best, yet. Our overall goal is to get this event to a capped 100 anglers. Once we reach that, and can prove this out, we’ll open up other avenues to win, and who knows, we may even open up another tournament format. This is exciting for us to see how many submissions people can put in, and I believe that we will see 1000″ broken sometime in the next few months. Who wouldn’t want to see that? That’s only 70 14″ bass… I know many that catch 35-50 in one day! Can they do it two days?


Coming up on the weekend of the 16th of June, we’ve got our next Two-Day Challenge!

Register Here: June 2018 CFODT Two-Day Challenge on TourneyX.com

When we hit TWENTY Anglers Registered, we will do a drawing for a Bass Tail Shirt, designed by Eric Estrada! Check it out!

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