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Quick Thought: Who is the best angler?

Is there one? I mean, really… What qualifies someone for the best of any category of angler? Statistically speaking, we can argue for ‘Angler Of The Year’ in a particular field of anglers, but to rank someone nationally against other anglers who they’ve never competed against doesn’t seem like a fair playing field to me. There would have to be a nationally syndicated organization that collectively establishes relationship with all the tournaments that are considered.

Is Kayak Bass Nation that organization? There’s been a lot of buzz around them since the beginning of the year, and they’ve put together a list of anglers who they have qualified to be ranked, using whatever algorithm they’ve deemed fit. Arguably, there’s quite a few anglers who I would personally agree with, but there was also some loose ends in those rankings.

I do think it’s a great place to start, however, I just feel like it’s unfair to rank someone from California against someone in West Virginia who has never competed against each other, or only competed against someone only one time. There needs to be some kind of historical data to support rankings of that kind that is connected by some other means other than the commonality that it’s a large enough kayak fishing platform.

What would qualify your “Best Angler” of any kind of tournament scene? Do you think it’s better off kept within the individual organizations? Or do you think there can be a collective group named who have never competed against each other? I definitely feel that comparing two separate organizations that don’t have an angler connection is a tough call. Not saying it’s not possible, but definitely not plausible to me.

Let’s hear what you have to say! Drop it below!

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