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Registration Is Officially Open

The first ever CFODT Two-Day Challenge is upon us! We’re excited to layout the standards we’ll be living by, and we want you to check them out! With so many tournaments and all the shady rules that are rules, we want to be as transparent, as possible! Below are a few links you’ll want to check out, and by far the most important is our new event listing for CFODT’s first ever Two-Day Challenge!

EVENT: Two-Day Challenge February 2018

The two links below are for our Rules Standards and Terms & Conditions. Both are pretty thorough, and it’s meant to be. We don’t want to there to be any gray areas, especially with all the current events going on. These are the first versions, and any version updates will be addressed professionally, and in line with current and upcoming events, so that any changes will/may affect everyone equally.

CFODT Rules Standards

CFODT Terms & Conditions

If you’re ready, and you think you’ll have what it takes, you can register directly on TourneyX.com on the Catch Fish Or Die Trying page!

Catch Fish Or Die Trying



So Sunday and Monday for tourney huh, interesting choice on days vs. a Friday, Sat, or Sunday combo was that on purpose ?

Curiously Yours,

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