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I Got 99 Problems And A Fish Is One

WARNING: Video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

I want to take you on a journey… close your eyes. Imagine you are at the captain’s meeting for your big tournament the next day, and you’re looking around at all the other anglers, and for a quick moment, you take a deep breath and think to yourself…

“I got this… This event is mine!”

After the captain’s meeting is over, you find yourself checking all your gear, making sure your line is good to go, as well as tying on your secret, comfort-zone baits and wishing you had the new YakAttack Omega Rod Holders to replace those old, grimy, still-great Zooka Tubes. You’ve got your batteries charging, cameras charged, and you’re mentally preparing for the only true competitor you have in the morning…

The Fish.

Morning comes, and you’ve got everything on point. The wind is even playing nice, and you’re focused on the hook set. Then, it happens. You hook up, and you’re frantic. You’re only thought is to conquer, regardless of the fish’s size, you want to get the fish to the boat and lay it on the measuring board because that’s the name of the game. You get the fish to the kayak and then get the fish in the kayak.


As you lay the fish on the measuring board, there’s a split second where you feel relief and your heart takes a deeper beat as your adrenaline has climaxed…or so you thought. As I mention that split second, I need you to realize that the millisecond after that you look like you’re swatting bees, slurring profanities, and the ultimate outcome could very well be a lost fish and broken rod. If you’ve never wanted to slap your rod on the water, just lose a fish after you’ve already got it in the boat. Especially during a tournament. Guaranteed, you’ll find a solid minute, where you’re 3-year old temper finds it’s way out of your adult body.

Now, you may get the fish, or you may not get the fish. At this point, the only thing that matters is you make sure you’re filming it. Like this guy… Meet Ken Wood. He put together this compilation of slippery villains and it’s honestly quite hilarious.

Take a look, laugh a little bit, subscribe to him, as well, as he’s got quite a few other recaps and videos throughout his channel. Like I said before, there’s some strong language here, so be advised.

Catch Fish Or Die Trying

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