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Kayak Filming 101 Presented By Another Fishing Show

Who here films…or wait…who here tries to film while kayak fishing? Sometimes it might take the fun out of fishing, because you’re more focused on worrying about the camera than the fish. I know I’ve struggled with it from time to time, and thanks to some good friends in the industry, I’ve gotten a few good verbal pointers on filming while fishing.

Our good friend Greg Underdahl, from Another Fishing Show, decided to use a snow day to give a little insight on his setup and how he manages to bring such great quality to their YouTube channel for all of you guys to see. Be sure to check this out, as there’s absolutely great advice and pointers here. It will help you create a true experience for your viewers! Don’t forget to Subscribe to Another Fishing Show’s YouTube Channel!

Catch Fish Or Die Trying

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